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about nold

Our name, a fusion of "new" and "old," encapsulates our mission: to bridge the gap between fashion's past and present, and to forge a sustainable future for our planet. The NOLD is a revolutionary marketplace that transcends mere commerce and instead, serves as a catalyst for change in an industry known for its environmental impact.

In a world where Earth remains the sole haven for life, the fashion sector has emerged as one of its greatest polluters. We, as the architects of innovation, are obligated to transcend the cycle of overproduction and excess waste. The fashion industry stands at a crossroads. With the power of technology and the will to make a difference, we can strive for a reality where growth is not synonymous with waste.

The NOLD is the embodiment of this vision. Our pioneering platform fosters brand partnerships with fashion companies that share our commitment to mitigating the industry's ecological footprint. By promoting a circular economy, we embrace the philosophy that reuse is the most potent weapon against excess production and waste.

Welcome to the NOLD, your destination for sustainable fashion resale. We're here to make selling and buying fashion items not only effortless but also environmentally responsible. At the NOLD, we believe in the power of the circular economy to reduce the fashion industry's impact on the planet, one stylish item at a time.