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Size and fit


These feature a wide, boxy silhouette without excessive length in the body. To achieve a more fitted look, it's advisable to select a size smaller than your usual, unless you prefer a relaxed fit.

Size chart


Pangaia’s track pants come with an adjustable drawstring waist, offering flexibility between sizes. Knowing your leg length ensures a proper fit without being excessively long.

Size chart


This piece typically matches standard sizing expectations, akin to an average sweatshirt. Opt for your regular size for a typical fit, or choose a larger size for a looser appearance.

Size chart

different textyles


365 Mid- and Lightweight tracksuits include collections “365”, “Organic Cotton”, “Lightweight Recycled Cotton”. These tracksuits are crafted entirely from organic cotton, offering versatility for year-round wear. The fabric boasts a cozy loop-back texture on the inside and an additional treatment that enhances its softness.

365 Signature tracksuits include collections “365 Signature”, “Recycled Cotton”. This range features a thicker recycled cotton, perfect for a more comforting experience during colder weather. The fabric inside has a soft, plush feel, offering added warmth and coziness.

Crafted from reclaimed fabrics, the recycled cashmere and wool garments uphold softness, warmth, and durability, while embodying sustainability, reducing waste, and lessening the environmental footprint of these materials production.

Natural dyes

Pangaia revolutionises the use of dyes. Vibrant hues are delivered without the use of harmful chemicals, employing both food-based and botanical dyes.


Treating items with natural, plant-based peppermint oil neutralises and prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Thanks to its antibacterial nature, clothing treated with PPRMINT™ can be worn multiple times before requiring washing.


AIR INK® represents a carbon-capture innovation designed to seize air pollutants, diverting detrimental substances from our atmosphere. These captured particles are transformed into various types of inks, dispersions, and coatings.

Care and treatment

How to take care


Wash your Pangaia items with care. Follow the specific instructions on the label to maintain its quality. A gentle cycle with eco-friendly detergent and cold water helps retain colours and fabric integrity.


After washing, air-drying your Pangaia clothing is the best choice to keep them in top condition. Avoid bleach, tumble dry, or dry clean.


For any necessary ironing, refer to the garment's care instructions. Iron at a low temperature, avoid the text print. Do not iron your FLWRDWN™ jacket.